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Mintos Marketplace Reaches €5 Billion in Loans Funded

Mintos is expected to reach future milestones even faster with a launch of a new mobile app as fintech market and convenient alternative investment options are gaining popularity worldwide.

March 6th, 2020.

Mintos, a global marketplace for investing in loans, has reached a milestone of €5 billion invested in loans, reflecting the growing demand in the alternative investments market.

The company’s investor base has grown to more than a quarter of a million, with around 20 000 new investors joining the platform each month. A global demand is depicted by the diversity of investors on Mintos, spread across 91 countries worldwide, and earning over €1,6 million in interest every week.

Martins Sulte, CEO and Co-Founder of Mintos

Typically, assets for investments are divided into three commonly known classes: equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds) and alternative investment assets like commodities, cryptocurrencies, or tangible assets like real estate, art and other luxury objects on the rise. Mintos has taken a forefront in strengthening an asset class with a previously untapped global potential - loans, and has been making investments in loans accessible worldwide by mediating a two-sided marketplace, with retail investors on one side and loan originators - on the other.

Investments in loans present a new passive income opportunity for a wider audience: newcomers previously limited by financial resources or access to investments management, and experts looking to reduce their portfolio risk by asset diversification. Due to the simplified service and low entry costs, loans have become a significant asset to both beginner and professional investors.

Growing interest in passive income opportunities has led Mintos to widen the range of services offered. Recently, Mintos has introduced an anticipated feature - a new mobile app, seeking to provide more comfortable and secure access to clients’ investment portfolio and faster insight delivery. The app was created in collaboration with investors on Mintos, utilizing their feedback and engagement during the development phase to ensure the best user experience.

Mintos attributes a lot of its growth momentum to the strong, growth-driven team, whose hard work is well reflected by the company’s success. Mintos CEO and co-founder Martins Sulte reflected saying, “If you want to create a company that has an impact, you need to be transparent and set your mindset towards growth. It isn’t a new concept but when you have the right team, the concept takes on a whole new meaning.”

Mintos team is formed of 200 employees in four offices - Riga, Berlin, Vilnius and Warsaw. The company plans to scale the team up to 400 throughout the current year.


Mintos is a global marketplace for investing in loans with more than a quarter of a million investors - its clients, from 91 countries globally. Launched in 2015, the company provides individual investors with an easy and transparent way to invest in an unmatched supply of loans originated by a variety of alternative lending companies from around the world. The goal of Mintos is to establish investing in loans for individual investors as common as investing in stocks, ETFs, real estate, or any other major asset class. To learn more visit


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