MoneyLion, America’s Leading Digital Financial Platform, to Become Publicly Traded

MoneyLion Uses the Power of Technology to Empower Hard-Working Americans to Take Control of Their Finances so That They Can Achieve Their Life Goals –

– Proprietary FinTech Platform Delivers Comprehensive Suite of Products That Makes It More Engaging to Bank, Borrow, Save, Invest, and Grow – All in One App –

– Estimated Post-Transaction Enterprise Value of $2.4 Billion With Over $500 Million in Cash to Fund Growth –

– Transaction Includes a $250 Million Oversubscribed and Upsized, Fully Committed Common Stock Private Investment at $10 Per Share Led by Funds and Accounts Managed by BlackRock, Certain Funds Managed by Affiliates of Apollo Global Management, Inc., and Leading Global Technology and Growth Investors –

MoneyLion Inc. (“MoneyLion”), America’s leading digital financial platform, and Fusion Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: FUSE) (“Fusion”) have entered into a definitive agreement which would result in MoneyLion becoming a publicly listed company.

MoneyLion uses the power of technology to empower hard-working Americans to take control of their finances and achieve their life goals. MoneyLion’s data-driven, digital financial platform provides access to a comprehensive suite of products that help members bank, borrow, save, invest, and grow – all in one app. These products include:

  • RoarMoney: Modern mobile banking that enables members to get paid up to two days early and manage their day-to-day spending, with no hidden fees, cashback rewards, and robust security controls.

  • Investing: Full featured, automated investing tools with a variety of investment options, including ESG portfolios, so members can invest in strategies that match their personal preferences.

  • Instacash: Interest-free salary advances with no monthly fees to help members bridge short-term timing gaps in their income, enabling them to pay their bills on time or cover unexpected expenses without incurring costly overdraft fees.

  • Credit Builder Plus: A program designed to help members build or rebuild their credit – more than half of the members in this program increase their credit score by 60 points in the first 60 days.

In addition to offering a complementary suite of financial products, MoneyLion has pioneered a new approach to personal financial management with Financial Heartbeat, an intelligent, automated advice platform that guides members on their financial journey. Financial Heartbeat evaluates members’ financial situation across four key dimensions and delivers personalized advice that helps them decide what actions to take and which products to use to improve their financial health.

Through these products and personalized advice, MoneyLion is changing the way people think about and take control of their money, relieve financial stress and, ultimately, make confident financial decisions to achieve both their near- and long-term goals.

MoneyLion Investment Highlights

  • Mission-Driven Organization. MoneyLion’s mission is to use the power of technology to empower hard-working Americans to take control of their finances, help them manage their money more effectively, and make confident financial decisions to put them on a path to achieve their goals.

  • Serving 100 Million Hard-Working Americans. MoneyLion aims to serve the 100 million middle-class Americans who are currently disadvantaged by a system not built for their needs. This underserved population represents trillions of dollars in annual savings, spending and investments, and is a $250 billion revenue opportunity for MoneyLion.

  • Data-Driven Approach to Product Innovation. Through a holistic, digital platform, the Company harnesses data and insights to deliver more personalized customer experiences and helps accelerate product development and innovation. In 2021, MoneyLion plans to roll out a new slate of products, including the next generation of the Financial Heartbeat platform, new credit and financing products, and a crypto rewards offering.

  • Complete Product Solution Drives Attractive Unit Economics. MoneyLion offers a single platform to address all of its customers’ needs. Multiple product engagement increases revenue per customer and is paired with a highly efficient marketing cost structure.

  • Accelerating Adjusted Revenue Growth. MoneyLion generated $76 million of adjusted revenue in 2020, finishing the year on a $102 million adjusted revenue run-rate in Q4 2020. MoneyLion forecasts adjusted revenue for 2021 of $144 million, representing year-over-year growth of approximately 88%. The Company expects significant long-term upside from penetrating an enormous addressable market and cross-selling products with its platform approach.

  • Proven Management Team: MoneyLion is led by an accomplished and experienced senior management team with significant finance and tech experience, and a strong track record of driving growth and profitability.

“MoneyLion is a digital financial platform on a mission to rewire a broken banking system that applies a one-size-fits-all approach to personal finance,” said Dee Choubey, CEO and co-founder of MoneyLion. “We are using transformative technology to bring the private banking experience to everyone – in a single app. Our platform surrounds each customer with the financial tools, content, and actionable advice relevant to their unique situation. This model is generating high user growth, multiple product engagement, and low cost of acquisition. A public listing enhances our ability to scale more quickly and continue to innovate so that we can help more people take control of their finances and achieve their life goals.”

John James, Founder and CEO of Fusion, commented: “MoneyLion is at the perfect high-growth inflection point that makes accessing public markets a logical next step. This will be the first publicly traded all-in-one digital financial services platform, which in and of itself creates huge scarcity value for the Company. Unlike its peers, MoneyLion has purpose-built its technology and operates a holistic platform with multiple products and revenue streams with strong unit economics. We believe in today’s market there are limited opportunities to invest in high-growth businesses built for profitability like MoneyLion. We look forward to partnering with the Company’s highly experienced team of technologists and financial product experts to accelerate growth post-merger.”