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Senior Full-stack Engineer to help change the lives of people with addiction


TL;DR: If you’re a technology dabbler, passionate about helping people, and want to work in a company with an open culture, read on. (Also apply here!)

Most of us know someone struggling with addiction. Whether it’s hidden or visible, you’ve probably seen the rocky path of recovery and how patchy support can be for those striving to stay on track.

That’s why we founded Aurelius. We are transforming the addiction recovery journey. We give people with addiction options beyond expensive rehab programs, and deliver the lifelong support that family members and clinicians struggle to provide.

Check out our recent Demo Day pitch to learn more about our vision:

What is it like at Aurelius?

  • We’re early-stage and VC-funded, with plenty of horsepower to build a digital therapeutic for a chronic disease which people can access any time, anywhere.

  • We’re not just building an app. We’re building a connected ecosystem of support for people as they navigate their recovery. This means creating a safe, private and secure environment, and super sticky product experiences that engage people every single day.

  • We actively work with people who are struggling with addiction as well as treatment providers and health insurers. We launched our MVP a few weeks ago and have lined up our first pilot with a major treatment centre.

  • We collaborate with researchers and behavioural experts because addiction is complex, and we want to clinically validate our work and make sure we’re doing things right.

  • We’re a small team and we’ve just gotten started, which means you’ll be contributing to our cultural DNA as we build the company from the ground up.

Here’s where you’ll get your hands dirty:

In short: A bit of everything. Together, we will need to build a mobile app and a back-end with different data zones (to separate PII from health data) — from scratch. We are currently thinking Flutter for the mobile app and node or Firebase in the backend, but are keen to hear how you would build it.

  • This is a senior hands-on role where you’ll lead the next stage of building Aurelius. Research and user testing are done, MVP has been a success, and deep thought has been put into the architecture, but we’re excited for your input before we commit. Collectively, we’ll decide which tools we use to build our mobile apps and back-end systems.

  • You’ll have a huge amount of operational breadth — context switching between DevOps, security architecture, product design, and coding may not be uncommon. While most of your time will be spent coding, you’ll need to be comfortable with doing a bit of everything.

  • Help us build the team we need to execute your vision for engineering at Aurelius.

What would we like from you?

This is where other companies prescribe X years of experience and degrees from Y university. We don’t — because we don’t think age and pedigree say anything about your potential for success.

Here are things we value instead:

  • Curiosity: You’ve dabbled in a bunch of technologies and frameworks, and while you may not be an expert in any, you’ve thought hard about things like: end-to-end encryption, microservice architecture, HIPAA, OWASP, firebase, Flutter, GraphQL, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, webRTC, DevOps.

  • Pragmatic: You get that the tools are just the tools — you prioritize delivering an exceptional solution which means using the best tool for the job.

  • Passion for people: You genuinely want to help and empower others. All of us at Aurelius feel the same way, and we’re here to make a positive contribution to the world.

  • Openness and humility: You hate politics and prefer frank conversations. You’re open with failure and never judge others for their missteps. At Aurelius, we ask our users to be open — and we hold ourselves to the same standard.

Bonus: We’re a remote-first business and open to candidates anywhere, as long as you’re available during Sydney working hours.

Who will be on your team?

Sally (co-founder & CEO) has worked for companies like Secure Code Warrior, Propeller, and REA group. Ben (co-founder, CPO & Flutter dev) has built native iOS and Android apps before, and worked as a Product guy with Atlassian and Google. Bianca (Product Design) previously won a Good Design award, and Elyssa (Clinical Research) just finished her PhD in treatment adherence. You’ll love working with us if you’re autonomous, enjoy fast-paced environments, and prefer open and direct communication. If you prefer to get given clear instructions and need a manager who develops your craft skills, we are not quite ready for you yet.

Last but not least: Addiction is a problem that touches every part of society — no matter what gender, racial background, sexual orientation, or religious belief. That’s why we’re building a team that is just as diverse as the people affected by addiction.

We hope this ‘letter’ instead of a stock-standard JD gives you a bit of a feeling for us. Now, we’d love to hear from you: What connects you to the problem? Where are your strengths and gaps in building a new health app from scratch? How do we get the best out of you as our teammate?

Hit us up!

Apply here, or email in case you have any questions.

A note to recruiters: Thank you for doing great work in connecting the ecosystem. We just can’t work with you yet, so please — no unsolicited approaches.


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