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Venture Architect at Menyala

What is Menyala?

Menyala is a venture builder founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore. We empower builders to drive technological shifts.

What You’ll Do

Venture Architects are responsible for proving “commercial viability” within our venture teams.

You will figure out how the investment thesis of a sponsor can be turned into a commercially viable opportunity and an investable venture.

In This Role, You’ll Need To

  • Identify and size potential opportunities and challenges through research and expert interview

  • Establish hypothesis and financial models to determine commercial viability of a venture

  • Drive teams to test hypotheses and support business development

  • Identify potential channels and partners (including investors) to launch and scale new ventures

  • Contribute to strategic decisions from a business perspective in collaboration with product, engineering, research and design teams.

You Should Apply If you:

  • Have strong analytical skills and the ability to convert ambiguous problem statements into practicable business initiatives

  • Can lead cross functional teams and influence decisions within a venture

  • Can build trust and rapport with new stakeholders quickly. You are comfortable and experienced in making recommendations to business leaders and CEOs.

  • Can devise commercial strategies to drive business impact and can pivot quickly when needed

  • Are resourceful and creative in getting buy-in for new and unorthodox methods to problem solve



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