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Seqvoia Opens An Office In London

The Luxembourg-based SaaS platform provider for financial institutions opens an office in London to grow its presence in the UK.

Seqvoia opened a new office in London earlier this month. The move follows the acquisition of a UK-based company last year.

Seqvoia UK will help the Luxembourg-based SaaS platform provider to grow its presence in the UK as it continues to serve financial institutions in the City.

“We want to be closer to our customers in London. Many of our key clients have their headquarters here and while we have been active in the UK for several years, we felt it was necessary to increase our physical presence and show a real commitment to the financial community in London,” Nicolas Buck, founder and CEO of Seqvoia explained.

“Brexit, and this is a paradox, seems to have strengthened London as a financial center where the big decisions are being taken. These decisions impact both the nature of the products, their domicile and the chosen providers to support the value chain,” he added.

Founded by Nicolas Buck and headquartered in Capellen, Seqvoia specializes in software solutions (including data and reporting management solutions) dedicated to the funds industry, for asset managers, banks and insurance companies.

Update courtesy of our content partner site Silicon Luxembourg

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1 Comment

The expansion of Seqvoia with the opening of an office in London marks an exciting milestone in their journey towards global success. At Duplicator Sales & Service, we understand the significance of strategic growth and the importance of building strong partnerships. Just as Seqvoia is expanding its reach, we are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations and fostering relationships that stand the test of time. With our dedication to trust, integrity, and customer-first values, we congratulate Seqvoia on this achievement and look forward to continued collaboration and success.

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