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The Frame

The Frame on offer: At Media Markt, you can now buy the cult television that looks like a picture frame at a bargain price

Samsung Televisions can quickly ruin the cozy atmosphere in a room. After all, the flat, black screens can be a real eyesore in the room.

This does not apply to the cult television The Frame from Samsung * - after all, the design of the TV is based on a picture frame.

The Frame from Samsung is currently on sale at Media Markt * . With direct deduction and cashback you can save up to 800.00 euros, depending on the version. Here you can read what you should pay attention to and whether the television is worth the money.

Do you like to watch TV, but you bothers that your TV is such an eyesore in your apartment? With its large, black screen, does it almost swallow the living room? If that affects your happiness, you should take a closer look at the cult television The Frame from Samsung * .

The design of the TV set was based on a picture frame. And if it is currently on display, with Art Mode activated, it shows either art or your best photos. So it fits into any living space - without immediately catching the eye.

That sounds like the right TV for your apartment? Then we have good news for you: The Frame is currently on sale at Media Markt *. There the TV was reduced to 1,887.69 euros. In addition, you will be deducted up to EUR 300.00 at the cash register at Media Markt when you buy a participating campaign TV by August 30, 2020. At The Frame, the direct deduction is 200.00 euros, which means that the television only costs 1,687.69 euros *. According to the price comparison on Idealo *, it is the best offer for this device.

But the discounts don't stop there! Because in addition to this, you will receive a model-dependent cashback up to a maximum of 1,000.00 euros until August 31, 2020 if you buy a Samsung promotional TV at Media Markt. All you have to do is upload your proof of purchase and your data by September 14, 2020 at* . As a result, you will be reimbursed 200.00 euros, which means that the purchase price drops to just 1,487.69 euros * . In comparison: That is almost 240.00 euros cheaper than the next best offer for the same television.

Is The Frame from Samsung a Good TV? But is the model from the Media Markt range also good? That depends ... The Frame from Samsung * is a TV with Qled technology. These televisions usually offer particularly sharp pictures with rich colors. There is also the 4K Ultra HD resolution. In addition, the TV set is internet-enabled, which means it can also be used as a smart TV. Finally, it is equipped with all common connections that you could wish for.

However, some customers criticize the TV's rather average picture, which is only partially justified. In fact, there are currently TVs with a better picture, but that does not mean that The Frame * is bad. Especially people who buy the television mainly because it blends so well into their home thanks to its picture frame design will not be disappointed with the picture. And also the Art Mode, which shows art or photos when exhibited, will let many overlook the slight weaknesses in image quality.

Conclusion: The Frame * is the TV for you if you are a design lover for whom the look of a room is more important than the best TV experience currently available.

The television is also available in other sizes, some of which also participate in the direct withdrawal and cashback campaigns. Find the smaller and larger models here:

  • The Frame in 75 inches - 3,017.77 euros minus 500.00 euros direct deduction and 300.00 euros cashback *

  • The Frame in 55 inches - 1,346.13 euros less 150.00 euros direct deduction and 150.00 euros cashback *

  • The Frame in 50 inches - 1,116.85 euros less 150.00 euros direct deduction and 125.00 euros cashback *

  • The Frame in 43 inches - 981.05 euros less 90.00 euros direct deduction and 100.00 euros cashback *

  • The Frame in 32 inches - 461.57 euros (not involved in the promotions) *

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