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Thriver+: An App to Design and Live Your Best Life - Kickstarter Campaign

Thriverapp develop an in-app Life Coach, enabling their users to embed world-class, high-performance

In a world gone crazy, one Aussie start-up is thriving by helping people to create and live their best life.  Don’t just listen to the world’s most inspiring people... turn their life lessons into your own with an AI-powered life coach.

Thriverapp is a single destination connecting people to the resources, habits and success-systems of exceptional people* like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Gretchen Rubin, GaryVee, Brené Brown and many more.

Developed by brothers-in-law Gareth Robinson and Jeremy Horne, Thriverapp connects its members with positive, life improving content and helps them build healthy new habits, proven to be game changing for some of their early beta users.

​“It’s about self-improvement not selfies”, says Gareth.

​The beta version of the app was launched in February 2020 on the App Store and Google Play. With over 500 beta users and more than 4,000 life-improving content items from the world’s best entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and icons, Thriverapp is already positively impacting people's lives. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is coming to release their AI-powered in-app life coach ‘Max’ and the Five2Thrive 21-Day Challenge. There are also plans for a blog, podcast and YouTube channel. 

The launch of Thriverapp is just in time for the post-COVID world.

*Thriverapp discovers exceptional people’s life tips, habits, tools and techniques from publicly available sources, then assembles that information into ‘Hero Lists’... Providing their members with bite-sized wisdom and actionable insights. Thriverapp Heroes do not endorse Thriverapp, and unless stated are not affiliated with MVLS Digital or Thriverapp in any way.


To become one of the most trusted and effective wellness and self-development communities globally.


Building a simple system for people to embed healthy habits and live their best lives utilising AI Tech, the Five2Thrive (F2T) System and Challenges together with Thriver community support and accountability.

How do we achieve our mission?

Our members design and live their best lives by connecting and embedding life improving content and resources from exceptional people like Tim Ferriss, Gretchen Rubin, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk, Brené Brown and more. Max, our AI-powered life-coach*, provides members with advanced habit-forming tools and personalised guidance from some of the world’s most exceptional people. Max helps embed new habits, techniques and success-systems into our members’ lives. To help turn theory into action, the Five2Thrive 21 day challenge is a fun and scientifically proven framework for members to embed their new healthy, life-improving habits.

How is Thriverapp different to other platforms?

How we help: Max, an AI-Powered Life Coach

Providing inspirational content, an engaged and supportive community is super-important, however, without a simple tool to embed learnings into life-changing habits we believe we’re failing in our mission to help people thrive in life...

Max will help our users do just that! He is an AI-Powered Life-Coach with an in-app release date of December 2020. Max will connect our users with the people, content and habits most relevant to what they want to achieve, and work with them to help their new healthy habits become part of their DNA.

With four personalisation options, members can tailor Max to best meet their needs. If they’re into ‘tough love’ for example, “Mad Max” holds them accountable with 6+ daily notifications and brutally honest feedback when they fall behind. Whereas “Motivational”, “Moderate” and “Mellow Max” will offer softer, more varying degrees of in-app motivation and support.

You can personalise Max to best match your needs:

  • Mad Max - if you’re into ‘tough love’ then Mad Max is for you, but be careful he’s a little bit crazy! Max doesn’t like excuses, he’ll hold you accountable with 6+ notifications a day, some not-so-gentle reminders and brutally honest feedback when you fall behind in an activity

  • Motivational Max - anything is possible with Motivational Max in your corner. He’s the ultimate motivator, you’ll receive 3 notifications a day and daily motivational nudges

  • Moderate Max - a hands off coach who will send you daily notifications and is always there to help if you need him

  • Mellow Max - if you’re looking for the occasional nudge in the right direction, with weekly updates, then Mellow Max is your guy. 

Want to back this startup - head to their Kickstarter campaign today to get involved - only 24 hrs left to contribute! Also listen to the message below from Co-Founder Gareth for more info!

So (here comes the simple pitch) click the link below to SAVE OVER 50% 💰 on your Thriver+ membership!

Gareth (co-founder) lives in Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia where he loves nothing better than spending time in and out of the water with family and friends. He also enjoys giving back to the local community as a volunteer surf lifesaver. Since developing Thriverapp alongside Jeremy, Gareth says that some of the lessons he learnt are the benefits of a morning routine, the importance of self-awareness, and that focusing on little things can make a big difference! A few of his favourite Thriverapp Heroes include Ryan Holiday, Gretchen Rubin,Gary Vaynerchuk and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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