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Venture Associate - The Rainmaking Venture Studio


Do you want to help build the most exciting corporate Venture Studio in the UK? Do you have a passion for diving into the details of what really makes an industry tick? Can you research and scrutinise the business models of our corporate partners to help create new ventures? The Studio At Rainmaking Venture Studio, we partner with large corporations to build new ventures. We’re not a consultancy and we don’t take fees. Instead, we co-invest millions of our own capital (via our Fund) alongside our corporate partners. This means we win when our ventures win, and we share in the upside with the corporates and the proven founders we bring in for each venture. To succeed, we focus on finding the best areas for our corporate partners to launch high-growth, digitally-enabled businesses. We call these opportunity spaces. They are areas where our partner has a real unfair advantage they can offer (increasing our chances for success) and which is strategically aligned to our partner’s mid-to-long-term growth objectives, so they buy back successful ventures.

Your Role As an Associate in the Venture Studio, your main area of focus will be on researching and evaluating these opportunity spaces and aiding in the development of new venture concepts. This includes creating insights into how macro trends and shifts in the competitive landscape impact venture opportunities, how new business models can be applied, and understanding how we can best leverage the assets of our partners to create a competitive advantage for new ventures.

Your deep evaluation work is the process that leads to an investment decision by our Fund and corporate partner, directly driving which new ventures are incorporated. Evaluation of the opportunities will include market analysis, stakeholder interviews, and initial customer development. Working closely with the studio team, you will proactively drive each project forward and be responsible for helping to lay the firm foundations on which our investment decisions rest.


  • Data collection and analysis experience including customer interviews, surveys, market reports, industry research, and analytical modeling

  • Awareness, if not deep practical understanding, of management consulting, venture capital, startups, accelerators, and venture building

  • Program or project management experience, ensuring that deadlines are met, and operations run effectively and efficiently

  • Skilled at navigating large organisations and experience working on multiple projects with cross-functional teams

  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, presenting credibly and effectively to senior stakeholders and running customer interviews with equal confidence

  • Passionate: you ‘geek out’ on startups, technology, business models, growth engines, founder stories, venture capital, and corporate innovation

  • Team Player and Self-starter: you enjoy and respect the importance of being a part of a small tight-knit team but equally thrive whilst working independently

  • Problem solver: you love people, are empathic, and optimistic. You are always looking for problems to solve and are proactive with developing and testing solutions

  • Perpetual Learner: always intellectually engaged with a thirst for knowledge and continual personal progression

  • Finally, let's remember that “if we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong.” As such, we take our work seriously but not ourselves.

It will be an energising environment. You will get to meet and learn from amazing people and accelerate yourself alongside super talented entrepreneurs and rapidly scaling ventures. You will have a large amount of autonomy over your own role, effectively creating your own career within the studio itself. During which, you’ll witness the growth of ventures first-hand, getting a diverse exposure to the mechanics of venture building and how different business models and applications affect change. You’ll be a key part of a studio team that creates a huge positive impact through entrepreneurship. We believe in the ventures we are building; they are made to disrupt the norm and change the way people interact within an industry. You’ll play a significant role in that!


  • Competitive Salary

  • Skin in the game with share of Employee stock ownership program (ESOP). The better we do, the better you do

  • Option to work from home when not required in the office or at meetings with partners

  • Work with people as passionate as you

  • Health and life insurance

  • We value work-life balance and will accommodate flexible working hours where needed and wherever possible

Our Investment Thesis

The Rainmaking Venture Studio is a company that co-creates companies. We unlock the unfair competitive advantage corporates bring to the process of venture building. Our Studio model is the combination of three core elements: 1. The scale strengths and deep domain knowledge of large corporations 2. Proven, passionate, and empowered entrepreneurs 3. The repeatable science of building and funding startups

This thesis generates proprietary deal flow with an unfair advantage, allowing us to outcompete traditional VC.

We launched our first corporate venture studio in Scandinavia 3 years ago. On the back of its success, we have recently launched a Rainmaking Studio Fund in London, focused on building new ventures, co-investing with a strategic corporate partner in each venture. This gives the corporates a much more reliable method of building new ventures in strategically important areas than trying to do it themselves internally. We do not charge fees and only succeed when our partners see tangible, growth from the ventures we build.

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