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Verizon Forward for Good Accelerator

Climate Justice Cohort Applications


Applications close April 30th

Climate Justice acknowledges that climate impacts are felt differently across communities, and aims to ensure that no one shoulders an unequal burden.

Climate change has reached us all, but those with limited resources are the first to feel it, and often in more ways than one.

While next-generation technology has become key to slowing and stopping climate change, there has been less progress to use technology to support solutions for Americans most exposed to climate risk.

Verizon believes that this needs to change. With their leading edge technology, and your support, you can help communities weather the changing climate, and take steps towards climate justice together.

Verizon are seeking solutions that help communities build resilience and thrive as the climate changes, especially populations with systemic challenges related to race, gender, disability, income, immigration status, or age.

Join their program partner, a cohort mentor, or subject matter expert.


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