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3 Mobile Businesses That Could Hit A Boom In 2021

We’re nearly three-quarters of the way through the year, and some business-minded people are already looking ahead to 2021. It’s been a weird year so far, with businesses of all sizes seeing big losses. Nobody really knows what Q4 will bring, but there are high hopes that it will at least be profitable.  Regardless, eyes are cast to 2021 as entrepreneurs try to predict what will be a hit. As it happens, next year could be the year that sees an explosion of mobile businesses. There’s been an increased demand for services that come to your door, meaning you don’t need to head out. Social distancing rules will probably be in place for a good few months, possibly even until the end of next year. That’s a wild guess, but most scientists seem to indicate this virus won’t disappear anytime soon. As such, companies will still have restrictions in place, meaning consumers have to book ahead or deal with long lines. Thus, mobile businesses become all the more attractive. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into a few mobile businesses that could see a huge boom next year:

Mobile services that come to you are on the rise. Entrepreneurs are thinking outside the box with services like mobile garages and mobile bike repairs. Photo by Malte Luk from Pexels

Mobile Garages

The idea behind this is that you go to people’s houses to fix or service their cars. It stops people from booking into a garage and dealing with the annoyance of not having a car all day. You can order some automotive tools and workshop supplies, pack them in a little van, then go from house to house serving clients. It has potential as you provide a service people need, and you also make it more convenient. 

Mobile barbers and hairdressers that come to your home or place of work aren’t new but with today’s climate, many more business are adopting the service. Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels


The 2020 lockdown showed the world just how valuable hairdressers and barbers are. So, it goes without saying that a mobile hairstyling business could be a huge hit. People are a bit iffy about going to their hairdresser and waiting around for ages – or calling up and booking in advance. Now, they can call you and get a trim from home. 

Mobile barbers and hairdressers that come to your home or place of work aren’t new but with today’s climate, many more business are adopting the service

Food Delivery 

Setting up a food delivery service can be such a fantastic idea. I think people are getting sick of dealing with shops right now, and they’d rather have everything delivered. You could partner with local suppliers – like farmers – and set up a service that delivers fresh food to people’s doors. It works perfectly in the world of social distancing, but it also offers something a bit unique. Your local service helps local suppliers as well as giving people a chance to try new things. 

Walk in to any of your favourite fast food chains and you will be greeted by a long line of delivery drivers. The Food delivery market has exploded since the pandemic with many big brands like Deliveroo and Uber vying for control of this lucrative segment. However, a newer sub-segment is growing fast with deliveries from local grocers, farmers and the like on the rise.

Mobile businesses look set to be a hit, regardless of whether there’s another lockdown. People have realised that life is actually more convenient if businesses come to you. Of course, you can think of so many different mobile companies to start. These three are the big ones that would be the most popular, but feel free to start a different one. Consider other popular businesses, then see if you can provide the same service on a mobile level. If it’s possible, go for it!

About the Author

Darie Nani

Editor in Chief - Sovereign Magazine


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