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Carl Jones and Wagmi Beach Launch Groundbreaking NFT Project With Bubblegoose Ballers

Veteran animation producer Carl Jones, animation studio founder Love Barnett, and NFT creative studio WAGMI Beach team up to launch the highly anticipated NFT project, BUBBLEGOOSE BALLERS, ushering in a new paradigm for how television is made.

Veteran animation producer, Carl Jones (@iamcarljones (The Boondocks, Black Dynamite), under his animation studio Martian Blueberry (@wearemartianb) co-founded with Love Barnett (@lovebarnett), with graphic artist and illustrator Moko Ko, in collaboration with NFT & Web3 native entertainment studio WAGMI BEACH (@WAGMIbeach), announced the debut of their highly anticipated NFT project, Bubblegoose Ballers @BubblegooseballersXYZ) on Magic Eden, Solana Blockchain’s leading marketplace, on June 13, 2022 at 10AM PST on (

The announcement serves as a key pillar of Jones’ highly-visible movement to lead the shifting paradigm toward a space where top-tier creators can take their art to market free from outdated censorship and restrictions of their own work. The Bubblegoose Ballers will debut an exclusive 10,000 piece collection of the coolest, most ambitious, swagged-out, dream-chasin’ loosey, goosey geese in bubble coats, and their aspirational stories that lived in Carl’s sketchbooks for decades. Now, they will take flight and land in the hands of collectors and community members around the world through the Solana blockchain. Magic Eden, Solana Blockchain’s leading marketplace, is the official launch partner for Bubblegoose Ballers.

“I’ve spent my career making groundbreaking cartoons that have managed to have a significant impact on popular culture, most notably The Boondocks. But none of my work could have “changed the conversation” without a strong community of fans,” says Carl Jones. “With Bubblegoose Ballers and our Web3 community, we aim to “be the change we want to see” in the ecosystem of entertainment by giving creators and fans new levels of involvement, creative freedom, and ownership of content.”

Bubblegoose Ballers is created under Jones’ production company Martian Blueberry by co-founders Carl Jones and Love Barnett, with graphic artist and illustrator Moko Ko, and in collaboration with Web3 native creative technology and entertainment studio WAGMI BEACH. The team is building a new kind of multimedia company, that the Bubblegoose Baller community can participate in creatively. At the core of each of these characters is someone willing to take control of their own destiny.

“When I was growing up, the Bubblegoose coat was a symbol of success in my neighborhood. All the ballers had them. So I used to draw this funny-looking goose in a bubblegoose coat that was balling out of control. And he stayed ballin’ in my sketchbooks for years, with the hopes that one day I could share this goofy bird with the world. The stories are honest and edgy like The Boondocks and Black Dynamite, but way crazier and more cartoony!”

By being part of this gaggle of OG geese, early holders have access to exclusive merchandise and can actively participate in the creative process with Jones and Barnett via community writers rooms.. With the community’s help, they aim to supply the world with conversation-creating NFTs and IP using their wealth of experience, knowledge, and industry resources. As a small collective of progressive minds with innovative ideas and talent, they intend to create a new model for creatives, and build the next generations’ Disney or Pixar.

About Carl Jones

Carl Jones is best known for his work as co-executive producer of THE BOONDOCKS, the first Cartoon Network program to win a Peabody Award and be nominated for an NAACP Image Award, and executive producer and head writer of Adult Swim’s BLACK DYNAMITE. He recently served as an executive producer on the animated reboot of Good Times for Netflix from Fuzzy Door and Norman Lear’s ACT III and HBO Max’s Young Love based on the Oscar-winning animated short, Hair Love. Carl co-created Adult Swim’s FREAKNIK THE MUSICAL and produced and wrote for two seasons of Comedy Central’s LEGENDS OF CHAMBERLAIN HEIGHTS. Carl also wrote for Adult Swim’s THE JELLIES! starring Tyler The Creator and served as showrunner on season 3 of TBS’s THE LAST OG.

About WAGMI Beach

WAGMI Beach is a web3 native entertainment studio developing original IP and creative worlds, inclusive of digital collectibles, film, television, music, and events. Founded by entertainment executives and web3 fund managers, Michael George and Carlo Fox, alongside Benjamin Willis and Joshua Andriano, WAGMI Beach has quickly established itself as the premier NFT studio on the Solana blockchain. The studio is home to top 5 Solana NFT collections, The Catalina Whale Mixer, a collaboration with former Interscope Records marketing executive Alec Lykken.

About Love Barnett

Love’s career covers the spectrum of entertainment, having her own casting agency; MUCH LOVE PRODUCTIONS that provided talent for major music videos, movies, and shows, while also working in front of the camera, with iconic performers such as KANYE WEST, EMINEM, TUPAC, then appearing on shows like MARTIN, SMART GUY, and THE LAST OG. She also attended the Art University In San Francisco, during which time, she launched her own startup tech company called CREATIVE AUGMENTED REALITY, and more recently co founded a multimedia company called MARTIAN BLUEBERRY, producing animated projects with Mega-stars like TRIPPIE REDD and MEG THEE STALLION.

About Martian Blueberry

Martian Blueberry was co-founded by animation veteran Carl Jones, who has provided Peabody Award Winning and NAACP Image award-nominated writing, directing and animation for various studios and networks across the entertainment spectrum. With a primary focus on animation, we aim to supply the increasing global appetite for diversity and inclusion, by using our wealth of experience, production knowledge and industry resources, to accelerate the company's advancement into the forefront of the global marketplace. Martian Blueberry is a young, blossoming, vertically integrated company that offers full service animation capabilities, specializing in high-end 2D/3D animation, visual effects and design. Serving a variety of entertainment endeavors including advertising, episodic tv, films, NFTS, WEB3 and music videos. MB is a collective of progressive minds with innovative ideas and talent that reach far beyond the boundaries of tradition.


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