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Vogue Singapore's New World - historic September ‘NFT Issue’

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

SINGAPORE, 5 SEPTEMBER 2022: This September, all 28 editions of Vogue unite under the global theme of ‘Fashion's New World’ as an exploration of the imminent, and projected future state, of fashion. Vogue Singapore’s interpretation of ‘Fashion's New World’ delves into the metaverse, showcasing the next frontier of content and digital fashion by building a fashion-first Web3 community.

September 2022 commemorates a year since Vogue Singapore’s historic ‘NFT Issue’ featuring a QR code on the cover leading readers to Vogue Singapore’s September NFT Collection featuring 15 NFT’s. Since then, Vogue Singapore has continued making strides in exploring the intersection of fashion and technology—this includes bringing on Krista Kim as metaverse editor; spearheading NFT for good projects such as Vogue Singapore and Vogue Ukraine’s partnership with funds donated towards Save The Children, Ukraine; 13 NFTs with Luna Ikuta exploring the theme of ‘Grace’ as well as unveiling an AR filter featuring 27 Singaporean cover stars for the ‘Every Body’ issue in March this year.

Pushing the conversation further this month, Vogue Singapore has partnered with VR platform,, and 3D design agency, to create a virtual experience titled ‘Vogue Singapore's New World’.

“Vogue Singapore has always been at the forefront of imagining stories alongside the world’s most visionary creatives showcasing what is new and next”,

says Norman Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Singapore.

“With the theme of ‘Vogue Singapore's New World’, it was an organic next step for us to explore a space in the metaverse through the Vogue Singapore lens that would set the stage to showcase the talent and immersive content in digital fashion and wearables”, says Tan. “With another Vogue-first virtual experience, we hope our readers will continue to revel in the limitless creativity of Vogue.
“Spatial has always pushed the boundaries in creating beautiful and interactive worlds in Web3,”

said Jinha Lee, Spatial co-founder and CPO.

“We resonate with Vogue’s vision to evolve the fashion industry through immersive technologies and are thrilled to have such a high quality brand on our platform. Together we are creating inclusive environments where everyone can express themselves, bringing their own identities, values, and tastes.”

“The team at is thrilled to be creating immersive brand experiences for Vogue Singapore and other groups in the fashion industry” shares Michael Potts, CEO of “Clearly, Vogue Singapore being on the forefront of these new digital trends, having persistent worlds on powerful, robust platforms like demonstrates the possibilities currently available and sets a course for other fashion brands to follow.”

About Vogue Singapore’s ‘Vogue Singapore's New World’ on

The 360-degree virtual space set in a dreamscape inspired by Vogue’s cover story for September 2022, can be accessed here and comes alive via oculus, mobile or desktop.

Upon entering the space, readers can interact with three clickable points:

  1. A video welcome, featuring September 2022 cover star Lina Zhang

As you step into Vogue Singapore's New World, users hear cover model Lina Zhang welcoming guests as a video of the supermodel plays on the wall in this bespoke virtual world. In another Vogue-first, clicking on the video will lead readers to an interactive cover powered by backslash.hq—users are able to alter the pose and landscape of the cover by a simple swipe of their finger or mouse.

  1. AI-generated beauty shoot ‘Bio RESONANCE’ by fashion and beauty artist Terry Gates

The photo series themed ‘Bio RESONANCE’ features AI metahumans created by artist Terry Gates with CGI faces that fuses primordial, spawn-like elements with uncut minerals—prompting an examination of what the rush towards the metaverse means for the tangible, elemental self.

The images are produced by MidJourney, a program that runs through a Discord server and produces images based on text prompts uploaded by Gates. With the aim to discover images that are both beautiful and intriguing, the program produced over 1,000 images and a final selection of nine images are featured in Bio RESONANCE.

Bio RESONANCE by Terry Gates

“I was looking for beautiful images rather than beautiful faces,” shares Gates. “I’m not sure if artificial intelligence will change the way we perceive beauty, I think of it more as art and art can definitely inspire different beauty trends. I think this medium’s power is the power of imagination and can increase our imagination by orders of magnitude. I hope people will find some beauty in the strangeness of these images, and if that translates into self-acceptance in any way, then the machines have taught us something valuable.

  1. Dress your avatar in digital couture by Beijing-based designer Yimeng Yu created exclusively for Vogue

CURVATURE by Yimeng YuNIRVANA by Yimeng YuREBIRTH by Yimeng Yu

To showcase dressmaking in a new paradigm of digital couture as a celebration of ‘Vogue Singapore's New World’, Chinese-born designer Yimeng Yu created three virtual dresses exclusively for Vogue.

Inspired by an imaginary world in distant outer space, Yu’s pieces are the result of utilising five pieces of software, involving an algorithm-assisted generative process, that controls variables from body-making and clothing adjustments to rendering and fitted composition—paying homage to the arbitrary nature of surrealism by tapping into fabrics and silhouettes that are a challenge to achieve in the real world.

“Virtual materials that completely break through the limitations of the physical world give me full creative freedom,” shares Yu. “My hope is that innovation in this space will breed new technology, new culture and new consciousness into the fashion industry.” has partnered with Ready Player Me to allow a more diverse and realistic avatar customisation. Those visiting the space can try on Yu’s digital dresses for Vogue against a virtual backdrop for a photo opportunity. REBIRTH and NIRVANA from Yu’s collection for Vogue will be available via at no cost.

Readers can explore the space by scanning the QR code in the September issue or by searching for Vogue Singapore on The virtual world will be launched in two phases with the first part activated on 5 September 2022, 10AM SGT / 4 September 10PM EST and the next chapter in tandem with Vogue’s second anniversary issue in October 2022.


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